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Listed here are radio equipment that belonged to the estate of a “Silent key” radio ham,
that I am selling on behalf of the family, all the money collected goes to the estate.

Most items supplied with paper copies of operation manuals or download pdf copies on this web site.

I am listing accessories that I have found at this time, the ‘shack’ is full of radio bits and needs completely clearing to find missing parts for some of these items for sale.
I am still slowly checking over all the equipment and adding them to these pages.

I have given each item a sensible prices and I am open to offers.

Anyone interesting buying any item, please contact me,
Mick Melbourne G0UYQ at     g0uyq@g8ehx.co.uk

All the items can be viewed in Stapleford, Nottingham, not far from Junction 25 on the M1

Click on the items in blue to see more info, also search online for more info.

Kenwood TH-F7E  144/430 MHz FM Handheld Dual Band, plus general coverage receive

Yeasu FT-817       Multi-band, HF, 6Mtr, 2Mtr & 70 Cmtr, 5W o/p With accessories

Lowe HF-150        150KHz - 30Mhz LSB - USB- AM Communication Receiver,
                              with battery pack & whip antenna

Realistic DX-394    General Coverage Comms Receiver

SGC-211 Auto ATU  1.8 Mhz to 60 Mhz, MAX 60W PEP / 20W Digital mode,
                              Powered by internal 4 x AA Alkaline batteries.

LDG Z100 AutoTuner ATU, 3.5 - 30 MHz, 100w, powered by 12V or 2 x PP3 batteries.

Kenwood LF-30A    Low Pass Filter, cut-off at 30MHz, as new in box

MFJ-924        UHF Antenna Tuner - as new

MFJ-906        6Mtr Antenna Tuner - as new

Kenwood  SP-71  Speaker - old but working

Datong Morse Tutor D70

AVAIR AV-20   Cross needle SWR Power Meter, 30W / 300W, 1.8 - 200MHz

ALAN K170      SWR Power/bridge meter HF only 10/100W AM/FM 12V power lead

Digimess FG200 Audio sig-gen

Grundig Wobbelsender

AVO Valve Tester

TRIO CS-1022 Oscilloscope

Tektronics Type 585A Oscilloscope

More to be added - 27/08/2021