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G3GQC - Mansfield Amateur Radio Society -

It is regretted that MARS had closed after the best part of 80 years.

Membership has been falling and at closure in July 2017 there was 8 members

only a couple are active on the air and the rest had lost interest in operating

and maintaining the ‘society’

A few ‘ex’ members will try and put on Special Events during the coming years

For the time being we will retain the old club call sign G3GQC

The Mansfield  Repeater Group GB3MD GB3MX has also closed

as both repeaters closed down on 03/03/2013, due to loss of QTH.

and no hope of getting a suitable site in the Mansfield area for GB3MD

The frequency that was used by GB3MX is now being used by another group.

This website is now being used to sell items from ‘Silent key’ operators

See ‘Radio Sales

  Updated - January 2024